ZAREEN strives to use high-quality materials that give its clothing both style and durability. We’re confident that with proper care and cleaning, our pieces can be worn time and again—just follow our care guidelines.


Have you ever spent a fortune on a coat that you fancied, and used it through the winter, without making any effort to maintain it? If you have, you would have realized that by the end of the season the coat is in such a bad state that you’ll have to buy a new coat next winter.

Most coats require a minimum amount of care to ensure that it remains in a good condition for a long time.

Here are some tips that will help you to maximize the life of your coat.

 Perfume and hair spray before wearing your coat, as these products may stain the coat.

 Always wear a scarf to prevent staining the collar by hair products or the makeup that you may have applied, or from the natural oils from the hair and skin.

 When you are wearing an elegant light color coat avoid carrying heavy messenger bags frequently because the shoulder straps will wear the coat down and even leave visible stains.

 After using the coat, hang it on a well-padded hanger or a wooden hanger.

 When you go to a party, remove your coat and turn it inside out as a precaution. Thus even if someone inadvertently spills something on your coat, the lining of the coat will bear the brunt of the stain.

 If the coat gets stained, treat it immediately by spot cleaning. Stains, which have set in , are difficult to remove.

 When cleaning or storing you coat, read the care label of the coat carefully and always follow the instructions meticulously.

 If your coat has a “dry clean only” tag, it is preferable not to attempt cleaning it at home.

Always consult with professional advise before dry clean, due to some decorative details which are not suitable for dry clean.

 If your coat gets wet, simply air it out and let it dry naturally.



Move over winter – it’s time for spring. It’s the time for the colorful blossoms, spring cleaning and time to pack away all your winter wear. After the cold that it’s weathered, your coat definitely deserves to be looked after and given due rest!

Here are some tips on how you can store your coat during summer:

– Check your coat for any missing or loose buttons, or tiny tears in the lining. Mend all these before you put away your coat for the season. Remember a stitch in time saves nine!

– Check your coat carefully for stains. If possible, treat the stain with a little spot cleaning. Thereafter give frequent exposure to the chemicals used in dry-cleaning may result in the deterioration of the coat fibers and loss of its luster. However, if the stain seems  to be difficult to remove, do not hesitate to take it to the dry cleaners. Any stains that are left untreated may set in permanently.

– Remove the coat from the plastic package of the dry cleaners as soon as you get them home. These bags traps moisture. This can result in the thriving of mildew and mold in coats. Air your coat for two or three days before you store them.

– Store your coat in a well-ventilated closet. It should be hung on a wooden, preferably cedar hanger. Place the coat at the center of the hanger; it should not be leaning towards one side.

– Store your coats in cloth garment bags.

– Hang sachets of cedar in the closet. This will act as a deterrent to pests like moths. You could also place mothballs but these balls should not be in direct contact with the coats.

There are several advantages in storing your coat well. It will last longer. It will look good  and it will be ready for use when winter comes knocking at your door.

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